About Us

Founded in 1925 as the Fédération Internationale de la Presse Périodique, The International Federation of the Periodical Press (FIPP) works for the benefit of magazine publishers around the world; promoting the common editorial, cultural and economic interests of consumer and business-to-business publishers, both in print and electronic media.

Our membership covers national magazine associations, publishing companies with international interests, suppliers to the industry, small businesses and associated organisations in more than 55 countries. Today, the membership of FIPP includes 300 members in 59 countries, which consist of 47 national associations, 184 publishing member companies, 63 associate members and 6 individual members.

FIPP represents more than 110,000 magazine titles with an estimated annual advertising expenditure in the region of US$70 billion, based on figures fromFIPP/Zenith Optimedia World Magazine Trends 2007/2008.

Mission Statement

The FIPP mission is to promote nationally and internationally the common editorial, cultural and economic interests of magazine publishers, both in print and electronic media. FIPP focuses its activities on:

  • Information
    FIPP provides the platform to strengthen links between magazine publishers worldwide in order to exchange knowledge, experience and ideas.
  • Freedom of the Press
    FIPP supports and defends freedom of a pluralistic press.
  • Freedom of Advertising
    FIPP upholds the freedom to advertise and the right to free commercial speech, and promotes the use of advertising in magazines worldwide.
  • Freedom of Distribution
    FIPP supports and defends the freedom to distribute press products and encourages equal opportunities for all publishers to access all markets and all consumers.
  • Intellectual Property
    FIPP defends the ownership of the intellectual property rights of publishers, in any form.
  • Environmental Protection
    FIPP supports the development of ecological standards and promotes good practices in all parts of the magazine production chain.

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